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On-demand education for everyone 

EduAi provides accessible, quality education powered by AI.

What is EduAI

EduAI is more than just an application. It's an on-demand tutor and life coach rolled into one, ready to take on the exciting journey of education with you. 

Built on the power of AI, data, and the latest technology, EduAI crafts personalised learning paths designed just for you. We believe in learning that fits the learner, not the other way around.


Learning doesn't stop when school does. It's a lifelong adventure, EduAI is committed to being your trusted guide and coach.

Our beta app will focus on primary / elementary level English. 

Who is EduAI

We are a lively mix of educators, trainers, designers and tech enthusiasts driven by a shared passion – enhancing education for the minds of tomorrow.

As believers in the transformative power of safe, easily-accessible quality education, we've set out on a mission. Our approach is a fully tech-driven education platform underpinned by artificial intelligence.

We tirelessly refine our AI model to offer round-the-clock educational support and coaching to our users. Our AI isn't just built on algorithms and data. It's shaped by the knowledge and insights of qualified educators.

Our partner:


Key features

Advanced camera reader

Simply snap a picture of your question and the app automatically reads it into digital format.

Teaching AI

Depending on the question, explanation and answers will be provided in context by our AI, guided with ongoing training of insights from real teachers. 

Reporting for teachers and parents 

EduAI utilises a reporting suite that provides real time data on students attempted questions/answers as well as key metrics that highlight strengths and areas to improve across their learning journey.

The human element 

Our teaching AI is continually trained by real teachers. For the inquisitive minds that have additional clarifications, can access our teachers on specific queries on questions that has been answered by EduAI. Our teachers will respond in a timely manner.

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